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   1747     Constituted 7 December 1747 by official recognition of the Associators, founded 21 November 1747 in

               Philadelphia by Benjamin Franklin.

   1747    Organized 29 December 1747 as Associated Regiment of Foot of Philadelphia.

   1775    Reorganized as Associates of the City and Liberties of Philadelphia, with five Battalions.

   1777    Reorganized as the Philadelphia Brigade of Militia, Brigadier General John Cadwalader.

   1793    Reorganized 11 April 1793 as Volunteer Infantry Elements of 1st Brigade, 1st Division Pennsylvania Militia.

   1814    Volunteer Infantry Companies of 1st Brigade reorganized as 1st Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry,

              Colonel Clement C. Biddle; entered Federal Service 24 August 1814 and relieved 4 January 1815.

   1816    Reorganized under Act of 19 March 1816 as Volunteer Infantry Elements of 1st Division (also known

              collectively as 1st Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 102 of the Line).

   1846    Federal service 15 December 1846 to 27 July 1847 in War with Mexico.

   1858    Reorganized as 1st Infantry Regiment, 1st Division.

   1861    Regiment consisted of the following companies:  State Fencibles Infantry Corps; Washington Blues; Minute

              Men of '76; National Grays; Garde Lafayette; Zouaves.  Mustered into Federal service 24 April 1861 as 18th

              Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment, mustered out 7 August 1861 at Philadelphia.

   1870    Pennsylvania Militia redesignated Pennsylvania National Guard by Act of Legislature 1870.

   1866 - 1878   Perpetuated 1866-1878 by Weccacoe Legion and State Fencibles  Infantry Corps.  Weccacoe Legion

              originated in August 1861 in Weccacoe Volunteer Fire Company and Baxter's Fire Zouaves which formed the

              nucleus of the 22nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, in Federal service 10 August 1861 - 24 August 1864; this

              Regiment also contained veterans of the 18th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

   1879    Weccacoe Legion expanded and redesignated 31 July 1879 as 3rd Regiment Infantry, Pennsylvania National


   1898    Mustered into Federal service 9 - 11 May 1898 as 3rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment (did not serve

              outside the Continental United States).  Mustered out 22 October 1898 at Philadelphia.

   1916    3rd Infantry Regiment mustered into Federal service 1 July 1916 for Mexican Border service.  Mustered out

              18 October 1916.

   1917    Called into Federal service 25 March 1917 and mustered in 28 March 1917 at Philadelphia; drafted into

              Federal service 5 August 1917.  Consolidated 11 October 1917 with 10th Infantry Regiment, Pennsylvania

              National Guard to form 110th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division.  Demobilized 24 May 1919 at Camp

              Dix, New Jersey.

   1919    Reorganized as 3rd Infantry, Pennsylvania National Guard, 16 October 1919 in Philadelphia.

   1921    3rd Infantry Regiment and 6th Infantry Regiment consolidated and redesignated 1 April 1921 as 111th


   1941    Inducted into Federal service 17 February 1941 at Philadelphia.

   1945    Inactivated 22 November 1946 at Camp Anza, California.

   1947    Reorganized with Headquarters Federally recognized 27 February 1947 at Philadelphia, as elements of 111th

              Regimental Combat Team.

   1959    Reorganized and redesignated 1 June 1959 as 111th Infantry, a parent Regiment under the Combat Arms

              Regimental System, to consist of 1st and 2nd Battle Groups, elements of the 28th Infantry Division.

   1963    Reorganized 1 April 1963 to consist of 1st and 2nd Battalions.

   1968    Reorganized 17 February 1968 with 1st Brigade 28th Infantry Division redesignated 56th Brigade, 42 Infantry

              Division, with 2nd Battalion 111th Infantry attached.

   1976    Reorganized 15 April 1975 and redesignated 56th Brigade, 28th Infantry Division, with 1st and 2nd Battalions

              111th Infantry attached.

   1976    (until present is being researched) 





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