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  Our mission is to promote patriotism and to uphold allegiance to the United States of America and to defend the same against all enemies , foreign or domestic.  We also strive to preserve the 3rd Regiment's long history and lineage, which dates back to 1747.  We support active, as well as deployed, military units and promote the comradeship of current and former members of the military.  We perform Flag Folding ceremonies at military functions, for many civilian organizations, for college ROTC units and area schools and for the general public.  We do POW/MIA remembrance ceremonies at all of our meetings and functions.  Twice a year we conduct Flag Disposal ceremonies on the grounds of our Headquarters.  We celebrate annually the founding of the Pennsylvania National Guard with a ceremony at the grave of Dr. Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia.  We celebrate General George Washington's Birthday each year in February with a formal dinner.



Honor Guard of the 3rd Regiment Infantry, N.G.P. at the

raising of the Stars and Stripes at Independence Hall on Flag Day, in Philadelphia, PA.



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