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 Veteran Guard Officers and Staff  


   Commander: COL Siegfried Honig                             TRUSTEES:

   Sr Vice Commander: LTC Gary Jon Seifert               President: CPT Anthony L. Marone

   Vice Commander: 1SG Gerald J. Riotto                    Vice Pres:  COL Saul W. LaKier  

   Adjutant: 1LT Allan Abramson                                  Secretary:

   Finance Officer: 1LT Louis Abramson                          Members:  SSG Louis Abramson

   Chaplain:   CHAP COL  Gary L. Taylor                                           MAJ Joseph Barron

   Judge Advocate: CPT Anthony L. Marone Esq.                             MRS Kathe Sobczak

   Surgeon General: DR MAJ Raymond E. Joseph M.D.                     CW2 Joseph Sobczak               

  Quartermaster: SSG Stephen Ratka                                               MR Stephen Zeitz

  Ways and Means Chairman: SGT Timothy Acker



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